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A classic for the city, selection, style and production are entirely Italian. Models and materials continuously in updating. Style and fashion designed for customer in increasingly large number and demanding.
Through this brand, Vela Sport Italia takes account of all those customers who want a whole Italian product at a cost more suitable for the current times.

Gianni Russo

Gianni Russo is the first Vela Sport Italia's trademark. It came out with the company for the high quality production of footwear and fashion, entirely made in Italy.
Gianni Russo's brand is available in all the best shops all around Europe, as well as in Japan, South Africa and in the other major markets all over the world.

Bruno Cascinelli

Bruno Cascinelli is a famous Neapolitan tailoring and shoemaking's brand. Vela Sport Italia acquired it in 2010. Well-known in Italy since 1923, from 2011 Vela Sport Italia is commetted in reaffirming and spreading it all over the world. Bruno Cascinelli's trademark produces completely Made in Italy Top Quality footwear and for their production, the best Italian leather as well as the finest finishes have been used.


Is in the frontline with a whole Italian range of sportswear.
An accurate and modern choice, exclusive details for customers who dress Italian Style.