Company History


The same care of yore.
Since 1996, diffuses in Europe and in the world the same undisputed quality as always.
With the constant updating and the continuous research of its stylists, Vela Sport Italia interprets all the signals coming from the market and transforms them into products increasingly fashionable and in step with the times.
A long experience in the production and sale, make of Vela Sport Italia a company increasingly updated able to meet the most varied needs of its customers.

The company uses a network of specialized and exclusive artisans producers to meet the requests and tastes of an increasingly competitive and international market.

The Collections proposed from Vela Sport Italia under
the brands
Gianni Russo
Bruno Cascinelli
Rosso Italia
DeRossi Italia
are the result of a careful study and constant research of materials to make sure that every proposal be a sure answer to the question of its customers.

Vela Sport Italia s.r.l. is a reality born in Campania (South of ITALY), where the work and the art, the quality and the style, find their ideal place.